Executive Assessment &
360 Feedback Workshop

Are you ready to elevate your coaching practice to new heights?

Join Stride Executive Coaching for an immersive journey into the differentiating skill of executive assessment and verbal 360 feedback, designed specifically for leadership and executive coaches seeking to enhance their capabilities and client offerings.

In this dynamic and practical workshop, you’ll gain mastery in every aspect of the executive assessment process, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to drive even more impactful coaching engagements. Through hands-on practice with a real client, you will complete a full assessment, honing your skills along the way. 

Earn 24 Continuing Coaching Education hours and 9 Resource Development hours as this experience is accredited through the International Coaching Federation.

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Learning Objectives

Facilitate the four-step assessment process seamlessly, integrating it flawlessly into your executive coaching engagements for maximum effectiveness.

Conduct insightful “get to know” conversations, uncovering key themes and developing a comprehensive developmental hypothesis tailored to each executive client.

Skillfully administer verbal 360 assessments, gauging perceptions of strengths and growth opportunities with precision and depth.

Craft thorough assessment summaries and actionable recommendations, providing invaluable guidance for your clients’ professional development journey.

Prepare for and deliver impactful feedback debriefs, empowering executives to leverage insights for meaningful growth.

Transform feedback into transformative coaching conversations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and achievement.

Course Curriculum



Week 1


– Introductions
– Theory of the Case
– Demonstration
– Partner Practice
– Group Debrief
– Preparing Hypothesis

– Conduct GTK Sessions with client partner (Shadows)
– Prepare Hypothesis

Week 2


– Group debrief GTK Session Insights
– Partner Breakout to share Hypotheses and Provide Feedforward
– Verbal 360s: Theory of the Case & Demo

– Conduct Verbal 360s with stakeholders 
– Partner Shadows

Week 3


– Debrief Verbal 360s Insights
– Partner Breakout and Feedforward
– Report writing overview
– Partner breakouts to discuss themes
– Group debrief

– Report writing (send drafts to coach)
– Feedforward from coach
– Finalize reports

Week 4


– Team reporouts: “Bottom Line” Insights and Themes
– Turning Feedback into Coaching
– Partner Breakout
– Group Debrief

– Conduct debrief sessions with client
– Partner shadows

Week 5


– Group debrief
– Partner feedforward
– Graduation


“Stacy’s coaching was transformational for me. I am proud of the challenging goals I met and how she helped me maintain the focus while learning new habits.”

– UK Logistics Executive

“Working with Stacy was an amazing gift to me and our team. I am grateful for how attentive she was in coaching to enable me to achieve my goal of learning how to communicate better with my team.”

– Non-Profit Program Manager

“Stacy has a fantastic work ethic, generates enthusiasm, delivers consistently great results, and maintains a direct focus on meeting her client’s varying needs.”

– Fortune 100 CHRO

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