Coaching with the intent to help you and your organization
hit your stride with confidence and clarity.


Achieve your goals

Executive Coaching

Individual, team and group coaching supports change and growth.

At Stride, we focus on the incremental and progressive steps you can take to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We help you hit your stride. Our approach to coaching involves a highly individualized leadership development and growth process to explore obstacles, experiment with new behaviors, and eventually sustain new, more effective ways of working and being for lasting and authentic outcomes.

Assessment & Coaching

Deeply understand your unique leadership differentiators and the opportunities or gaps imperative for hitting your stride.

Our Executive Assessment practice provides a comprehensive look at individual leaders within an organization to provide an accurate  and actionable assessment of their unique differentiators and potential growth areas. Our four-step assessment includes a reflective conversation with the leader, a comprehensive verbal 360 (interviews), a psychometric instrument, and a written summary. We also provide the follow-on executive coaching that includes aspirational vision and behavioral goal setting as well as the coaching support & accountability to reach those goals.

Assessment & Verbal 360 Workshop

We want to share our 25+ years of Executive Assessment and verbal 360 expertise by teaching others this differentiating skill.

In this intensive, fun and highly rewarding workshop, HR leaders and Executive Coaches will develop the skills to conduct the four-step assessment process while taking advantage of the hands-on developmental support along the way. Learners will each complete a full executive assessment and verbal 360 for an actual client, setting themselves up to offer the process to their organizations and coaching engagements.

Talent Development Experiences

At Stride, we design and facilitate highly personalized, curated 8-12 months group executive development experiences that intentionally move leaders outside of their comfort zones to evolve into best versions of themselves – hitting their stride with greater confidence, capability, and clarity. Our experiences include individual capability assessments and a balanced mix of knowledge sharing and coaching. Our participants and their organizations tell us that they benefit from significant improvements in leadership capacity, self awareness, and role and life fulfillment.


What we believe in

At Stride, we work hard for our clients to feel seen, admired, respected and supported on their journeys to fully and confidently hit their strides.
Our values underpin everything we do

Growth Mindset

We are never done learning and curiosity is key to going outside our comfort zones with the intent on discovering what works for us as we evolve into the best versions of ourselves


The best results are achieved when we are able to genuinely share the entirety of who we are with the world


Together as a team, organization or community, with a strong sense of belonging, we can do more and do better than we can individually


Life and work are more fulfilling when we give ourselves permission for experimentation, exploration and discovery. We believe this is where the magic really happens and growth occurs

When you know better, you do better.

~ Maya Angelou

Meet the team

Stacy Sollenberger

Stacy is an Executive Coach and the founder of Stride Executive Coaching, where she is a catalyst for individuals and corporations taking decisive, transformative steps toward hitting their strides with confidence and clarity.

Her primary focus is in coaching leaders and executives through their desired transformations by evoking their authentic purpose and passions while leveraging their unique talents. Her practice includes individual and team coaching engagements as well as designing and facilitating executive development experiences for companies strategically investing in their talent.

Stacy balances her naturally empathic style and curiosity with an orientation toward goal achievement. She leverages the tools and skills she’s honed from over twenty years as a coach, consulting partner and lifelong learner. Stacy believes it is imperative that clients are ready and willing to be self-reflective, get intentionally uncomfortable, and take forward actions to realize the transformative benefits of working with a coach. Her aim is to close the gap between where individuals are and where they want to be.

Outside of her work, Stacy is passionate about making a positive change in the world with a focus on her community where she is active in equity initiatives. She is a board member of the Jeannette Rankin Foundation and the MSU Women’s Leadership Institute, organizations that empower women through education. Her favorite pastime is to combine her loves of travel and running with her family and friends. She and her husband Alan both grew up in Michigan. They have raised three children (Emma, Brennan and Gavin), all of whom chose to study in the Midwest. While they live in Atlanta with their two rescue dogs, they return to their “heaven on earth” Northern Michigan cottage as often as possible. Her future vision is unfolding but it definitely includes family, friends that are family, giving back, Michigan, travel, fitness, and dogs. Stacy has learned to take more risks, laugh more, and to not take herself so seriously.

Kelly Sack

Kelly is an Executive Coach, leadership and organizational development consultant with over 25 years of experience working with executives and their teams to support long lasting, behavioral changes that drive results. 

She is passionate about supporting her clients to achieve their full potential as leaders. Her practice focuses on high potential clients who are motivated to fully engage in their development as leaders.  She guides her clients to clarify their vision, expand awareness of their current impact, embrace their authentic leadership style, and employ new behaviors that increase their effectiveness.  She combines empathy with a direct and challenging approach to support her clients as they take risks to expand their comfort zones and leadership capabilities.  

Kelly utilizes a systems approach in her work with individual clients, teams, and organizations to facilitate sustainable, transformative changes. She partners with executive teams to customize leadership experiences that align with the organization’s vision, culture and values. She leverages her enthusiasm and passion to facilitate environments that are engaging and motivating for the participants.  

Kelly is currently a member of the North Fulton Young Men’s Service League that develops leadership skills through community service. She also serves as a CHIEF Guide, providing coaching to senior level women executives in top organizations around the world.  

Kelly credits her professional success to a strong personal support system.  She currently resides in Atlanta with her husband of 29 years, three children, and two rescue dogs. Her 5 best friends have been in her life since early childhood and continue to support and challenge her to be her best self!

Favorite Quote

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, 
just as I am, then I can change.”

~ Carl Rogers

Education and Certifications




“Stacy’s coaching was transformational for me. I am proud of the challenging goals I met and how she helped me maintain the focus while learning new habits.”

– UK Logistics Executive

“Working with Stacy was an amazing gift to me and our team. I am grateful for how attentive she was in coaching to enable me to achieve my goal of learning how to communicate better with my team.”

– Non-Profit Program Manager

“Stacy has a fantastic work ethic, generates enthusiasm, delivers consistently great results, and maintains a direct focus on meeting her client’s varying needs.”

– Fortune 100 CHRO

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